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First Diversity Staffing


In collaboration with Key Vision TV

We wanted to shorten the process between need and work for everyone, especially those that have spent time in jail and have records that serve as obstacles as they try to re-enter the community. For this project, we were extremely persistent about getting the information right. We went and interviewed the audience that would be receiving our information to discover what it is they really need and desired to learn. The process looked like visiting and speaking with older and younger, men and women in both the Clark County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center. Hearing their stories, their feels and what is always powerful knowledge, their regrets. Regrets on things they did as well as things they didn’t know.

This way, while they are getting the information, they have some places to start on a better foot once released. They have the resources to get to the right place and to land a job as smoothly as possible in their own control. This results in a better community for all. For our viewers, we hope for a better transition back to society as well as better acceptance from the community, shattering an unfortunate cycle. Although designed with this audience in mind, these materials are useful for ALL people looking to sharpen their skills while in or entering the workforce. This is just one way we put you first at First Diversity Staffings.

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