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We are making opportunities louder!

A staffing company that feels like home

Let us put YOU first!

At First Diversity Staffing, we live by the motto "How can we put YOU first today?" and apply it to everything we do. We exist as a business to meet people where they are, lift their burdens, and make opportunities louder. We are not just a staffing company; we strive to create an environment that feels like home, where you are supported and valued. Whether you're looking for work to try out new opportunities or need a supportive team to help you get back to work.

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Second Chances

We stand behind
Second Chances

We believe in the power of second chances at First Diversity. We give people the chance to rewrite their stories and create a better future. We have seen firsthand how these second chances enable people to not only earn a living but also to build a meaningful life filled with purpose and growth.

Offering Opportunity 

Everyone is treated with dignity and respect at First Diversity. We are here to help everyone provide for their families. That is why we are committed to matching every person who walks through our doors with a position that is a good fit for their skills, goals, and values.

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Real People

You deserve to be heard. At First Diversity, you are welcome with a smile, a listening ear and a warm cup of coffee to jump start your future.

Helping people

The job you need, 

when you need it

We have an efficient & quicky process to get you in, prepared and working as soon as possible 



We understand the importance of reliable transportation for our employees, which is why we offer transportation assistance programs to help them get to and from work safely and on time

Team work

Your Success is our Success.

"The Management and Staff of this fine firm have demonstrated such key qualities as tenacity, cooperation, and civic concern which have undoubtedly led to the success of the agency."

The Ohio State Senate

Let’s Work Together

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