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sm badsha
Apr 11, 2022
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Such research outcomes have no doubt influenced Buy Email List government policy direction in many developed and developing countries of the world through the creation of financial agencies and provision of financial resources Buy Email List to business units for the sole purpose of boosting and sustaining entrepreneurial development for rapid national development. The above, policy strategy unfortunately has led to the Buy Email List continuous negligence on the part of the government, scholars and business operators in these countries. Considering other vital factors like Buy Email List entrepreneurial competency which equally contributes to successful entrepreneurship, business success and national development. The current literatures on the subject do not provide sufficient explanations to the role general and/or specific competences play in Buy Email List successful entrepreneurship, business success and national development. This has thus, made the Buy Email List relationship between entrepreneurial. competence and entrepreneurship Buy Email List success to be important topic within organizational literatures. The above fact is evident in several available studies done by scholars on the subject matter (e.g Crook, Todd, Buy Email List and Kitchen, 2011; Mitchel more and Rowley, 2010; Anyang and Enuoh, 2009; Laguna, Many of these studies identified entrepreneurship competences like communication competence, financial competence, marketing competence, business ethics Buy Email List competence, social responsibility competence.
sm badsha

sm badsha

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