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Shopon Hossin
Apr 05, 2022
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Like those of other far-right Ukrainian Whatsapp Mobile Number List militias, the Azov are tenacious, disciplined and committed fighters, and this is why the weak Ukrainian state has been forced to rely on their strength in times of greatest need. : During the Maidan Revolution, during the war against the separatists from 2014 and now to defend against the Russian invasion. Abroad, there has been some reluctance to speak frankly about his Whatsapp Mobile Number List role, no doubt for fear that doing so would provide ammunition for Russian propaganda. Surely this fear is inappropriate: after all, groups like Azov only gained notoriety precisely because of Russia's intervention in Ukraine. Instead of denazifying the country, Whatsapp Mobile Number List Russian aggression has helped solidify the role and presence of far-right factions in the Ukrainian military, reinvigorating a declining political force rejected by the Whatsapp Mobile Number List of Ukrainians. In any case, the main threat posed by groups like Azov is not directed against the Russian state – after all, Russia is happy to support far-right elements in its Wagner Group of mercenaries and in the breakaway republics – nor against the nations Westerners whose disgruntled citizens may be drawn to fight alongside them. Instead, they are a threat to the future stability of the Ukrainian state itself, as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have long warned.. While they may be useful today, in case the liberal government in Ukraine is beheaded or Whatsapp Mobile Number List evacuated from kyiv, perhaps to Poland or Lviv, or more likely, in case Zelensky is forced by events to sign a peace agreement by ceding Ukrainian territory, groups like Azov may find a great opportunity to challenge what remains of the state and consolidate their own power bases, if only at the local level.
Shopon Hossin

Shopon Hossin

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