How to Accomplish Your Work Goals

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Welcome to the New Year! Now is the time for resolutions, fresh starts and goals. It’s always good to categorize your goals. So if you already have you new physical goals, it’s not too late to set new mental or financial goals. This post is designed to help you set and achieve your professional and work goals.

Identify Your Issues and Needs

Start with discovering what you lack or a problem you need to solve. Looking at the general problem can help you locate a specific solution. You’ll often find your goal isn’t much of a struggle to accomplish once you realize all of the possible solutions you have. Start brainstorming broadly with your issues and needs then work to a more specific root of the problem. For example, Jim doesn’t have enough time in his day. His first goal may be Time Management. When we look into detail, Jim feels like he doesn't have enough time in his day because he’s always late and he never gets project done on time.

Create Realistic Goals

The difference between realistic goals and overly ambitious ones is your odds of staying motivated to accomplish them. It’s okay to start with an ambitious goal but you want to make it more specific and realistic so you can make a good plan to accomplish it. To turn your huge goal into a realistic one consider your circumstance, environment, resources and time. Let’s make Jim's goal of better utilizing his time more realistic. We know it’s his goal because he is always late and doesn't finish his projects in time, so we’ll break down each problem. What are some of the reasons why Jim is always late? We can say traffic, over sleeping, waiting in line or even forgetting when he has to be somewhere. Now, what are some of the reasons why Jim can’t finish a project on time? Maybe he doesn't have the supplies, it takes longer to complete than what is allotted, he doesn’t hear back from resources or he procrastinates. With this breakdown, Jim can make his goal more specific: To not procrastinate and be more proactive about his responsibilities.

Write a Game Plan

Now that you’ve identified the real issues, you can make a game plan to solve each one in particular. It’s important to actually write your game plan to help you think, to help it stay in your mind and for reference in the next coming weeks. Start with listing the roots of your problems and all of the possible ways you can solve that problem. This will open your mind to all of the ways you can accomplish your goal. For Jim his Game plan may start something like this:

Every good game plan also has a plan for obstacles. It is the epitome of expect the unexpected. Many times people let one mistake be the reason to toss all of their effort out of the window. When you make your game plan, include a game plan for when it doesn't go right. The reality is that life happens and it won’t always happen for your benefit, but that’s okay. Jim’s game plan includes falling asleep earlier, but what if his child wakes up in the middle of the night or if dinner took longer than expected and he couldn't get to bed on his planned time? The best thing Jim can do is accept that hiccup and use another option to avoid over sleeping. Your obstacles do not have to be the end of your goal. A couple bad days out of 365 is better than a failed goal after 2 weeks.

Reward Yourself

You did it! You’re doing it! You’re thinking about doing it! These are all things to celebrate. Never fail to reward yourself for your accomplishment. You’ve put in more effort than you ever have before to accomplish this goal and you need to remember that you are cheering for you. You may not get the support you’d like on your journey so you have to find ways to support and be proud of yourself. Plus, when you know you have a reward coming, holding on thought he tough times get a bit easier! Jim is excited for his favorite Caramel Macchiato in 2 weeks that he set aside time in the morning to pick up. He’s saved time in his morning and has coincidentally saved money. When you accomplish your goals, you get all of reward you deserve and didn't expect!

At First Diversity Staffing, we believe in you and we put you first. Share your goals with us online or when you call a recruiter at 888-58-HIRED! Here’s to a successful 2019!

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