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We employ, educate and elevate by connecting clients and candidates. Changing lives and communities, one conversation at a time!

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The First Diversity Staffing Giveaway!!!

Can we pay your bills, bills, bills?

As a source of employment for over 4000 families, nothing hurts us more than not being allowed to offer that service. As we are in the center of a pandemic, many of our "non-essential" workplaces have been closed until further notice. To First Diversity Staffing, every company we fill, every coworker that commits to the grind and all of the community that benefits, is essential. Although we have fought to keep as many jobs open as we can, not every industry is back to work. That is what we decided to give away some money!!

Any First Diversity Staffing co-worker (employee/temporary worker) that has been displaced is eligible to win a piece of our 'Stimulus" package. We're giving 6 hard-working families $200 to take home! To enter, tell the world about the impact of Second Chances. Our foundation is built off of the fact that we believe in giving second chances to people that are ready and willing to be better, be their best. Tell us that story in a short video and we'll post it to our Social Media. The families of the top 6 liked posts will win $200, just like that!


How do I enter the Giveaway?

Get online! To enter follow 3 steps all from your phone. 1) Follow us online. You can find all of our social media channels here in English and here in Spanish. 2) Send us your video and include your Name, when you started working with First Diversity Staffing, and share why you believe Second Chances are important. Be sure to follow the entry rules. 3) Get your friends and family to like the post on our pages! We'll share it on all of the accounts (by its language) and on April 30th, the six most liked posts will be the winners! 

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Our goal for this exciting Giveaway is to spread hope along with spreading funds. If you need inspiration for your social media posts, share a meaningful memory from an experience you've overcome. Where you've given, or been given a Second Chance at something. If you arent a displaced First Diversity Staffing coworker, you can still do good and play  a big role by sharing this Giveaway for everyone to see. We made it easy! Copy and past this message:

#FirstDiversityStaffing is giving away $1,200 on 5/1 for their employees out of work!

To enter for a chance to win:

  • Follow their Social Media

  • Send them a video tagged #FirstDiversityGiveaway

  • Tag @FirstDiversity

  • Get as many 'likes' on the post as you can!

Thank you to all of how hard-working coworkers. We're doing our best to put your first and to keep strong during these challenging times. We can't fail if we don't quit. #TogetherWeCan.

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Entry Rules!

To win, participants must be employees of First Diversity Staffing who have been recently unemployed as a direct result of the 2020 Stay at Home Order. Entry winner awarded with $200 check. Six winners total.  One winner per household. Entry winners agree to participate in on camera interview on First Diversity's 'Second Chance Opportunities' Project, leave a review on Google, and agree to commit to attempt to return to work with First Diversity Staffing once the 2020 Stay at Home Oder is lifted. Entry Requirements: The video must be a minimum of 30 seconds long. Cursing, explicit language, or knowingly false information automatically disqualify participant from giveaway. Winners will be selected based on the most obtained ‘likes’ and meeting the participation requirements. Giveaway winners will be awarded in the form of payment of check to be sent by mail or picked up by participant at 650 E. High St, Springfield, Ohio 45505. Giveaway ends April 30. Winners announced May 1.

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