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Free & Fun


With all these changes in the world, we want to make sure we still have fun! These resources from First Diversity Staffing are all completely free and made with love. 

We want to help our candidates any many ways, this includes

family activities, goals and challenges, and updates on 

what is available for you around the community!

Kids Coloring Book!


In hopes to provide some light during this time, our team created a FREE printable Coloring Book for all of our employees that are home with the kiddos!

 Learn about careers as you color, solve word problems, and help the workers on the page get the job DONE!

Share your colorful creations with#FirstDiveristyStaffing

CLICK image to download!

Getting our candidates to work has always been an important part of First Diversity Staffing. As we aim to assist our Essential Workplace Employees during this outbreak, we've added extra measures to ensure your safety while traveling to work.


To qualify for transportation, all Essential Workplace Employees must follow the safety check procedure. Because we CARE, a Screening Test will be given daily for all employees entering the First Diversity Staffing transportation vans. Learn more about CARE (Check and Record Everyday) from the CDC here!


Watch Now

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We happily provide Traveling Papers that give official notice that currently, working employees are Essential Workers. This document is for your protection while traveling to and from work. Please call your nearest First Diversity Staffing office to request that form.


Lastly, to further protect our Essential Workplace Employees, we've set a limit of only 9 candidates (plus 1 driver) per van for traveling. Your First Diversity Staffing Driver will have traveling papers on file at all times. Van Cleanings will be done before and after every trip to ensure top safety..

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Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.21.13 PM.png

Credible Resources

A great way to reduce worry and fear among the community is to only share accurate information with each other! We recommend only acting off of information that is from a credible resource. All Covid-19 related information that is shared from First Diversity Staffing can be credited to the resources below!