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It's like being in first place. We began from someone that made a second chance for himself because the world wouldn't give him one.


We now use that second chances from over 11 years ago, to put our #fdfam. Who's #FDFam? Our coworkers. Our community. Our clients and companies. anyone that has the audacity to believe in themselves. You! 

Karla, First Diversity Staffing | Charlotte, NC

Take it from our #FDFam!

We're cool like that!

  • Facebook first diversity staffing
  • Twitter first diversity staffing
  • YouTube first diversity staffing
  • TikTok first diversity staffing
  • Instagram first diversity staffing

Meet Jasmine & Caroline. These are our social media masterminds! We've built a community online that is both informative & entertaining.

We support everyone's style of communication. That's why we have the classic, in-office team to guide you through your job-journey, a text and call function (perfect for pandemics 😉) and social media, for fast messaging and fun content!

You can even apply to a job on FACEBOOK! - innovative, we know!


Caroline & Jasmine, First Diversity | Springfield, OH

@FirstDiversityStaffing | IG

Giving a care and giving back!

We care about our coworkers beyond the job. And we know that we work best when our community is taken care of. Because of that, we make sure we commit to doing our part! What does that look like?



Handling the tough stuff,

and the fun stuff.




Putting you first.

We win first place only by wining together.

Welcome to the team.

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