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We employ, educate and elevate by connecting clients and candidates. Changing lives and communities, one conversation at a time!

About Us


Second Chances

We work tirelessly to connect clients and candidates who believe in second chances. At First Diversity, everyone is treated with respect and dignity. That's why all are welcome to apply for work, including those with background records!

First Diversity Staffing is a minority-owned and operated bilingual company headquartered in Springfield, Ohio.  We opened our doors for business in 2002 with only the Springfield labor market in our sights, and now, First Diversity has offices in Ohio and North Carolina with over 30 Marketing Managers stretching across the United States.

We recognize that our country’s labor market is constantly fluctuating, so our approach to finding and placing skilled laborers is ever-evolving to meet the demands of our client companies and the market as a whole. We work closely with individuals seeking employment to identify areas where they excel to best match their skills with the needs of certain industry and specific client companies. It’s this personal touch that sets First Diversity apart from other employment agencies. 



A core principle in how we operate, the notion of “integrity” is engrained in our culture at First Diversity. We treat everyone with respect and sincerity, no matter whether we’re working with job seekers or with our client companies. It’s our goal to make everyone we interact with feel at ease, and the first step to accomplishing this is acting with integrity.

Not only are we partners to our client companies in solving their HR needs and challenges, but we also view ourselves as partners to every job seeker that walks through our door. Your success is our success, and we’re going to work to find the best opportunity for you. It’s partnerships like these that make our jobs so fulfilling.

We source personnel in an intentional manner that ensures the highest probability of retention for both the employee and employer, but we’re firm believers that the road to success doesn't end with us. We encourage ongoing training and education even after a job seeker has been placed to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction for all parties involved.

Happy workers make for happy client companies, which in turn makes us happy as a staffing agency. We want to place job seekers in positions and with companies where they will feel valued day in and day out. It’s this mutual respect that helps to ensure successful job placements and high retention rates.

A lofty goal but something that we strive to achieve every day at First Diversity. The fact that we have a direct impact on so many job seekers’ livelihoods, as well as on the success of our client companies, is something we don’t take lightly. Helping those that we touch be excellent at what they do is a big part of our “why” as a staffing organization.

Each is interwoven with one another. These apply not only to clients and staff but are consciously applied in each and every proceeding with our most precious resource, our hard workers.

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